Hi everyone!

My mother told me that many good-hearted people came to my group to help me. Thank you very much! I didn’t go to the hospital today. My mom gave me medicine at home to make the bad cells go away and the good ones get stronger.

I imagine how these cells fight, it’s a big war. Today I played puzzle with my dad, I really liked it. I like to nest in his arms. Dads and moms in my arms go all over the house. You know, my feet are a little weak now. But soon I will be healed, and I will be able to jump and run again.

Maybe then I won’t get tired so fast. I leave you now, we are looking at cartoons with Mira, my sister, and mommy is preparing something delicious for us. He always cooks something for us, and I see that he cries sometimes, even when he doesn’t clean the onion. Soon it will be Wednesday and I will go to the hospital again. I hope my injections don’t hurt too much.

I kiss you dearly!


Lara is a 5-year-old girl, from Sălaj origins, who was diagnosed with acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (blood and bone marrow cancer) for which she urgently started a chemotherapy treatment, a treatment that must be followed for 3 years. days to heal. Unfortunately, the cost of hospitalizations, tests and hospitalizations is too high to cover.


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