Hello all!

As you know from the previous post, the blood results were acceptable, so Lara received the necessary chemotherapy again. Now there is a break period, until September 30 so that her body can recover from so many medications. This is good news and at the same time a bit of relaxation for us. After the 30th, we move on to the next stage of treatment, which will be even more intense for our princess.❣ A new period of combined treatments will begin, ie multiple chemotherapeutic drugs plus steroids.? Unfortunately it will have many side effects again , but she has to endure it all to be healthy again. ??

Believe me, it is extremely difficult to see our princess suffering, if she hurts, it hurts us too, if she suffers we suffer too. But together we must succeed, she is our princess, we cannot give up! For her we must do the possible and the impossible, we will fight until we see her healthy and happy again. ❣❣

We are very grateful to the admins and moderators of the auction groups, to the kind people, to all those who helped us with the organization and development of the fairs, that you are with us, that you break your precious time to help our little girl, that you donate and that you help us with everything you can. May God reward each of you! ❤?❤

We hug you dearly, let’s hear each other well!

Lara is a 5-year-old girl, from Sălaj origins, who was diagnosed with acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (blood and bone marrow cancer) for which she urgently started a chemotherapy treatment, a treatment that must be followed for 3 years. days to heal. Unfortunately, the cost of hospitalizations, tests and hospitalizations is too high to cover.


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