I feel a little bit better.

Time passes and I’m still in the hospital!

I feel a little better, but she still doesn’t leave me at home, although I really want to see my sister and hug my mom 🥰🥰 I miss them. 😒

Daddy is here with me. And a hero. In one hand he carries me, and with the other he carries this camera in the picture. It’s really weird, he has to be with me all day, even in the bathroom. 🙄😱

Interesting things are happening here in the hospital. I know it’s all for my own good, but I’d still like to go home. I watch people walking in the hospital yard and I know I need a long time to walk freely. 🙄🙄But I am very happy that you are with me, I feel how many of you send me good thoughts full of love.

Know that it helps me a lot! “Thank you.”

Lara is a 5-year-old girl, from Sălaj origins, who was diagnosed with acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (blood and bone marrow cancer) for which she urgently started a chemotherapy treatment, a treatment that must be followed for 3 years. days to heal. Unfortunately, the cost of hospitalizations, tests and hospitalizations is too high to cover.


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