I didn’t feel very well.

Hello, my dear angels! I missed you! ❤️???? I don’t want to make you sad, but you should know that I haven’t felt very well in the last few days, that’s why I couldn’t write to you.

Let me tell you what I did. But don’t tell mom and dad..? This morning my sister, Mira, came to my room and whispered to me: Close your eyes! I have a surprise! I quickly put my hands over my eyes because I always listen to my sister and I’m not afraid of anything with her. That’s it, she told me! He spread many watercolors and brushes of all kinds on the bed. He spread the green color in his palms and gave me the red one. Well, now what? ??‍♀️?We started to leave marks on the sheet with our little hands and colored it in all possible ways. Even we were colored from head to toe with watercolors. God, how much I love her! ???

She always brings a smile to my face and takes so much care of me! Mira, I promise I’ll be fine and we’ll be happy again. ??

Thank you very much for continuing to support us and help us on this difficult journey! I promise I will continue to try to amuse you, as I did with my parents today.

I’m sending you kisses! ????

Lara is a 5-year-old girl, from Sălaj origins, who was diagnosed with acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (blood and bone marrow cancer) for which she urgently started a chemotherapy treatment, a treatment that must be followed for 3 years. days to heal. Unfortunately, the cost of hospitalizations, tests and hospitalizations is too high to cover.


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